Summer Games
Summer Games are approaching and approximately 700 Special Olympics athletes from throughout West Virginia will gather in Charleston to compete the weekend of June 7-9.

Athletes will compete in a variety of sports, such as track and field, swimming, golf, tennis, bocce, cycling, and softball. These incredible athletes will continue to inspire everyone with their courage, determination, and skills.  For many Special Olympics athletes, there is no greater joy that having the opportunity to play sports, to showcase their abilities, and to be recognized for the personal accomplishments no matter how great or small. 

To ensure these athletes have a great time in a healthy environment, hundreds of volunteers are needed throughout the weekend.  Volunteers may want to time a runner or swimmer, keep score with golf or tennis, oversee games in Olympic Village, serve food, or perform an assortment of other roles.  The volunteer schedule allows one to choose from different sports and activities during the weekend which will be accommodate their schedule. 

Interested persons who want to be part of this memorable experience can obtain a Summer Games Volunteer Application and Schedule from the link below or contact the Special Olympics West Virginia office.
We hope to see you there!

Applications & Schedule