plunge tips

Each participant must raise a minimum of $50 for the privilege to plunge.  

  1.  Costume contest winners will be announced at each site.

  2. For those locations using a pool, participants may enter the pool two at a time (you may jump off a pool ladder or slowly climb down the ladder... your choice).  Most participants exit the other side of the pool.  The pool is 4 ½ feet deep.

  3. For those locations using a river, you will enter the water up to four at time by going down a boat ramp.

  4. Participants may stay in the water for as long as they prefer (although almost everyone exits very quickly) within established safety guidelines.

  5. No Diving permitted.

  6. Attire: Swimsuit or shorts (with t-shirt if you prefer).

  7. Costumes for those who want to provide some entertainment.

  8. No Wetsuits allowed.

  9. Bring a robe or jacket... great to have while waiting to plunge.

  10. Shoes to wear while waiting in line as your feet may get cold.  If plunging at a location using a river, it is highly recommended that you wear shoes at all times.

  11. Everyone will have access to a changing area immediately following their plunge, so bring a towel and extra clothing.

  12. Everyone must sign a Release Form.  If you are under the age of 18, you must have a Release Form signed by your parent or guardian.

  13. Arrive early to register and avoid the lines.

  14. Free admission to the Post-Plunge Party for participants.  A $10 entry fee for non-participants.

  15. Be ready for a memorable experience!

Special Olympics West Virginia will be conducting three Polar Plunges in 2019. 

Pick the one nearest you, or dare yourself to participate in all three and be among the truly elite plungers. 

We hope to see you at one of the following Polar Plunges where it promises to be a memorable adventure and offers you a chance to be Freezin for a Reason!

How can I RSVP for the plunge?

RSVP here for your commitment to plunge. It will be the coolest thing you do all year.
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Donate! How Can I Support Participants in the Polar Plunge?

Donate to a specific participant, a team or make an event donation.

Polar Plunge Participant Sponsor Form

2019 Polar Plunge Locations

Hurricane Polar Plunge

Hurricane Polar Plunge
Saturday, February 2 at 5:00 pm
(Registration opens at 3:30 pm and the Costume Contest at 4:30 pm)
Hurricane City Park

Special Olympics WV is delighted to move our 2019 Polar Plunge (along with our office) to Hurricane, after many great years in Charleston.  We will be hosting its second Tri-County Polar Plunge at Hurricane City Park in Hurricane.  This year, we’re looking for plungers in the region to come and jump into the frigid pool water! Bring your friends, family and colleagues and join with others for an exciting evening under the bright lights and freezing temps that includes a post-plunge party at Fireside Grill in Teays Valley!

Hurricane Sponsors

Please contact Allyson Carr @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opportunities!

Parkersburg Polar Plunge

Parkersburg Polar Plunge Saturday
February 9 at 3:00 pm (Registration opens at 1:30 pm and the Costume Contest at 2:30 pm)
Point Park Market Place

Mother Nature always seems to provide some snow for the Polar Plunge in Parkersburg. Participants at this plunge will have the opportunity to discover just how cold water can be as they bravely leap (or slowly enter depending on what type of adventure one is looking for) into a pool set up at Point Park Market Place. A costume contest will be held immediately before the first plunger hits the water, and participants will have a chance to warm their souls at the post-plunge party.

Parkersburg Sponsors

Please contact Allyson Carr @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opportunities!

Morgantown Polar Plunge

Morgantown Polar Plunge Saturday
February 23 at 1:00 pm (Registration opens at 11:30 am and the Costume Contest at 12:15 pm)
Crab Shack at Cheat Lake

This is where the very first Polar Plunge for Special Olympics WV took place, and 15 years later it remains a great and must-do event for many. Participants will plunge into Cheat Lake, which always provide some frigid water for plungers to enjoy. This Polar Plunge is noted for the incredibly creative costumes that many participants wear to compete in the entertaining costume contest before taking the plunge. So get a friend or two and join us for the plunge and the great party that follows at the Crab Shack where we share our plunge stories and enjoy some food and drinks.

Morgantown Sponsors

Please contact Allyson Carr @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opportunities!

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