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plunge tips

Each participant must raise a minimum of $50 for the privilege to plunge.  

  1.  Costume contest winners will be announced at each site.

  2. For those locations using a pool, participants may enter the pool two at a time (you may jump off a pool ladder or slowly climb down the ladder... your choice).  Most participants exit the other side of the pool.  The pool is 4 ½ feet deep.

  3. For those locations using a river, you will enter the water up to four at time by going down a boat ramp.

  4. Participants may stay in the water for as long as they prefer (although almost everyone exits very quickly) within established safety guidelines.

  5. No Diving permitted.

  6. Attire: Swimsuit or shorts (with t-shirt if you prefer).

  7. Costumes for those who want to provide some entertainment.

  8. No Wetsuits allowed.

  9. Bring a robe or jacket... great to have while waiting to plunge.

  10. Shoes to wear while waiting in line as your feet may get cold.  If plunging at a location using a river, it is highly recommended that you wear shoes at all times.

  11. Everyone will have access to a changing area immediately following their plunge, so bring a towel and extra clothing.

  12. Everyone must sign a Release Form.  If you are under the age of 18, you must have a Release Form signed by your parent or guardian.

  13. Arrive early to register and avoid the lines.

  14. Free admission to the Post-Plunge Party for participants.  A $10 entry fee for non-participants.

  15. Be ready for a memorable experience!

PP 2018 Updated LogoWhen was the last time you participated in a thrilling challenge? One that not only excited and delighted you, but that truly benefited your community? 

If it’s been more than a few days, then grab your swimsuit and your list of names!

That’s right, you’ll be inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor your exciting Polar Plunge to support SOWV!

Nothing quite thrills your senses like a plunge into the depths of cold water, so here’s your annual opportunity to brave the cold while raising money to directly benefit the many great athletes who are part of SOWV!

All the details, guidelines, and tips that are listed below will make this freeze a breeze! Get started today and prepare to take the Polar Plunge!

How can I support SOWV and the Polar Plunge?

How can I support SOWV and the Polar Plunge?

The Polar Plunge Sponsorship Form is designed to ease the registration process by being able to register and pre-pay online if a plunger and /or donor wishes to do so. This process was created in hopes to get a better head count of attendees, and for folks wanting to sponsor an individual plunger.

Polar Plunge Sponsorship Form

2018 Polar Plunge Locations

Please note the location has changed.  The event will now be at Cheat Lake.

Morgantown Polar Plunge

Saturday, February 17th,2018 at 2:00pm
The Crab Shack @ Cheat Lake, Morgantown, WV. 

The Polar Plunge got it's start in Morgantown, and over the years it's become an exciting tradition in the community to "take the plunge." The Morgantown Polar Plunge is noted for not only being a festive occasion, but also for the creative costumes that many participants wear to compete in the entertaining costume contest just prior to entering the water. The Crab Shack will host the awesome post-plunge party!

Morgantown Sponsors

Please contact Ericka Duncan @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opportunities!

Huntington Polar Plunge

Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at 2:00PM
Joan C. Edwards Stadium, Huntington, WV

We are thrilled to be hosting our first Polar Plunge in Huntington and can't wait for the community to have the experience of jumping into frigid water! We'll have a pool set up at Joan C. Edwards Stadium, home of the Marshall University Thundering Herd, and we look forward to seeing the excitement on the faces of those taking the plunge. So grab your swimsuit or dress in costume and bring along some friends for a memorable experience. There will be a post-plunge party to enjoy great food and drink while sharing our plunge adventures.

Huntington Sponsors

Please contact Ericka Duncan @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opportunities!

Beckley Polar Plunge

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at 3:00pm
Winterplace Ski Resort, Beckley, WV

Scenic Winterplace Ski Resort will once again host the Beckley Area Polar Plunge. There will be plenty of snow in the background as participants jump into the frigid pool waters set up on The Mountain House slopes. So gather your friends and join us for an afternoon that you won't soon forget. Once you complete the plunge, we will have a warm place to change your clothes and then join us as we share our Polar Plunge adventures.

Beckley Sponsors

Please contact Ericka Duncan @ 304-345-9310 for sponsorship opporunities!